What Product to Use to Grow Beard

What product to use to grow beard

What product to use to Grow Beard

No matter how proud you are of the beard on your jaw line,you need to know what product to use to grow beard, and  if you do not take care of it properly, it won’t look presentable at all. Because the care of your beard is so paramount, we have come up with the best kit to keep your beard in the best shape.

So now that we arrived until here, lets see what product to use to grow beard

  1. Trimmers

There are always some men, who prefer to shave.
But having a beard does not mean you have to neglect your face: a man looks at his best when his beard is trimmed and well cared for.
And of course there is the beard trimmer to look at an electric shaver that focuses
on the hairs of your beard, with finer teeth that can handle thicker hair.
That way, men with a longer beard can check every day that their beard is unstoppable.
A hair trimmer is suitable to shave the hair on your head,
but the wider teeth and space between the blades ensure that the device
is not efficient when it comes to beards and mustaches.
Moreover, the large size of a hair clipper makes it a lot more difficult to work in detail.
If you only want a stubby beard, it is better to buy the best beard trimmer.
You will find the trimmer powered by a rechargeable battery easier
because you can carry it about. Some models must unfortunately be plugged into the socket.  You will need to consider your intentions before you buy the trimmer.

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  1. Beard oil

When someone asks me what product to use to grow beard, beard oil is my first answer. Beard oil is really a panacea. First, you feel extra masculine when you use it,
it smells delicious and your beard immediately looks a lot healthier.
The nutrients in the oil provide the beard hairs but also the underlying skin and prevent flakes.
The beard hairs are less stiff and they are glassy.
It also helps to get those few rebellious beard hairs in model.
The use of the oil is also very simple.
You drip a few drops in your palm to massage it well through your beard and the underlying skin
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  1. Beard balm

The beard balm is actually similar to the beard oil, just a bit stronger but slightly less caring for the skin. Where the beard oil is mainly good for the care of the beard hairs and the skin, the beard balm is mainly aimed at forming the beard. Also a beard balm often smells very good and in combination with beard oil your beard is a delicious scented oasis. The hairs also get a nice shine from this. You can apply beard balm by melting a small amount of balm between your fingers. Then rub the molten balm through your beard and bring it into the desired model. This grooming kit is Ideal for a bad beard day, because yes, that also exists.
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  1. Beard comb

If you comb your beard daily, you can ensure that the hair grows in the right direction. Of course you cannot comb your facial hair in every shape or model; it mainly ensures that there is a line in your beard and that you do not have any weird excellent pieces. It is therefore also important that you start combing from the initial stages of your beard and with a comb that is suitable for this. So do not take any plastic comb out of the drawer, but invest in a solid wooden one beard comb that can spread the wax or oil applied on the beard. It is firmer and so better to deal with the sometimes stiff hairs of your beard.

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  1. Mustache wax

A mustache wax ensures that your hair sits nicely aside (and not in your mouth). Furthermore depending on how blessed you are with the growth of your whiskers you can make a nice curling mustache. You only need a nail point of mustache wax that rubs you warmly between the tips of your index fingers and then apply it to your mustache. If you want to do modeling you can use a beard comb and not the normal comb. This is often easier than when you try it with your fingers.

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  1. Beard shampoo

That delicious beard wax and beard oil are fantastic for your beard, but your beard hairs must be washed out regularly. Beard hairs are sensitive to dehydration, so use a good beard shampoo. You should use beard shampoos that has been tested and approved by other users. We advise you not to wash your beard more than 3 times a week.
The Advantages of beard shampoo is that it can easily wash the remains of beard oil,
balm or wax from your beard, soften your beard hairs and afterwards you
will also smell fantastic.
Most bottles of beard shampoo have a handy pump for dosing.
You only need a little bit to wash your beard. Leave the foam in for a while
and then rinse with (preferably cold) water.
Make your beard towel dry and you can then smear your favorite beard oil.
You are ready for the day!

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  1. Beard conditioner/softener

After you have washed your hair you can use a conditioner to make the beard hair smoother and softer. Here are also special beard conditioners that work slightly different than the variant for our head hair. That’s how it is: in a regular conditioner silicone is often used to form a layer around the hairs so that they become sealed off from all nourishing and nourishing oils from the skin. A beard does need this just. A beard softener makes the hair just as soft but contains no silicone, so you can easily keep your beard healthy. Unfortunately, those special conditioners for your beard are often more expensive. An alternative is to comb your beard extra well on the days without conditioner after showering and then rub some extra beard oil well into the beard and on your skin.

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Final Thought – What product to use to grow beard

Now that you know already what product to use to grow beard, you need to understand that besides caring for a beard, it is also important to maintain it. That is why it is smart to stand in front of the mirror once or twice a week and cut off the excellent hairs. It is perhaps smart to agree with yourself how many snips you are going to do, so you avoid cutting too much. The bigger your beard the more snips you can do at a time. There will come a point that you cannot keep your beard exactly in shape with these cuts. The above tips should keep your beard in the best possible condition. Moreover, you also benefit from it: taking care of your beard hairs provides a moment of rest in a busy day and gives you more confidence.

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