What Does a Beard Symbolize?

What Does a Beard Symbolize

A beard is known as the symbol of strength, courage, vigor, and virility.

Every man spends some time in thinking whether he should shave or grow a beard.
The decision that you take of growing a beard or shaving it tells a lot about yourself as an individual and about your culture as a whole.
As we all have seen that beard has made quite a comeback for the past few years but there are men who still go for a clean shaved face.
So, basically, it is all about the choice of an individual. If you believe that having a beard makes you happy, just go for it and start growing a beard.

Signal of Change

Facial hair represents a change in personality and ideas.

A young boy sees facial hair on his face during adolescence which indicates different kinds of hormonal as well as behavioral changes.
Men always like to be themselves.
They do not like when someone tell them “you are supposed to do this” or “you are supposed to look like this”.
When a man decides to have a beard, he feels like he is being more himself and is not concerned with the thoughts of others about this change.

What Does a Beard Show?

Having a beard on your face gives you a sense of maturity and individuality.
It helps you in feeling more confident about your personality and much more comfortable in social situations.
Having an organized and well-maintained beard makes you stand out in crowd.

There are number of studies available which show that men as well as women perceive men with beard as older, stronger,
and more aggressive than other men.
Besides that, there are many researchers who say that beard are considered as a symbol of aggression as the aggression is
associated with the active testosterone level in the body.

In addition, there are some studies which say that men with beard are considered to be more trustworthy as compared to the ones that are clean-shaven.
This may be because of the fact that a beard makes you look experienced, wiser, and older.
With that said, clean-shaven men seem to have an advantage when it comes to entry-level positions while a well-groomed beard may help
you when it comes to land more executive-type positions.
That’s because beards can help you be perceived as mature, knowledgeable and dominant.
But hey, what about the stubble? When you go with a stubble for your job interview,
it actually makes you look unkempt and gives the impression that you don’t really bother yourself with personal grooming.


The point that how people act around you or perceive you depends on number of different factors ranging from being intelligent,
strong, or even jerk.
But, parallel to that, beard also have their own affect when we talk about how people perceive us.
So, if you grow a beard, make sure to keep it organized and be conscious of the message that is sending to the people in your surroundings.

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