Uneven Facial Hair – Grow A Beard on empty Spots

uneven facial hair

Uneven Facial Hair – All the solutions

While it is difficult for men to grow and maintain a thick beard, it is more difficult if a man suffer from uneven facial hair. It can be humiliating. Every man wants to shave and create a unique style out of a beard. While a bald head and clean chin can be fashionable, your self-esteem will be trampled. However, it is no one’s fault or effort; beards or no beards squarely depends on an individual’s genetic make-up; meaning little control. This does not mean you have zero control; you can actually use creams to trigger beards. Also, there are cosmetic procedures like hair transplant that can ensure you have a beard. To some, the few strands on the chin and the side are not enough; they need to increase it to a noticeable thickness. This is where you source for vitamins for facial hair growth.

If you suffer from uneven facial hair, Here are selected products that guarantee you increase in beards within few weeks.

Rogaine for Men For Uneven Facial Hair

Beards and hair growth on the overall is considered a match made in heaven; however, there is always a biological explanation that can enhance growth of facial hair. Rogaine works in two ways; it prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth at the same time. In comparison to other hair products and creams, Rogaine performs 25% more in speed and effectiveness. The main component in this hair product is minoxidil. With only 5% of this chemical in Rogaine, the foam’s performance is exemplary with respect to beard thickness and speed of growth.
Chemical components in Rogaine penetrate the scalp and gets to shrunken hair follicles because of genetic make-up or other human activities that affect hair growth. Rogaine activates these follicles on your chin, the process is known as Tricho-prime. This product is not only for individuals with problems of growing beards, it also enhances thickness on existing facial hair.

Using Rogaine for beard growth

For the first two weeks, you are likely to experience hair loss; but this should not worry you. Rogaine sheds any thin hair on the chin and makes room for thicker hair to grow. If you want thick beard, you must practice patience and Rogaine will deliver. The unscented foam quickly absorbs into the beard and dries. It comes with 3 aerosol cans to help in application.


  • Easy to apply
  • Quick results
  • Comparatively effective


    • Messy foam

Kirkland Minoxidil – For Uneven facial hair

This is more specific because the liquid comes with a dropper that you apply on the specific patches that you need to grow hair. They are sold in 2 ounce bottles, which come in six packs for a single purchase. It is recommended to drop the solution twice a day on the beard patches; results can be realized form 3 weeks onwards. Unlike other hair enhancement products, Kirkland has 5% minoxidil, which guarantees speed and effectiveness of your beard goals.
Whether beards are completely missing or you need to increase thickness, this is your answer. Foam should not be an excuse for you to live with unpleasant beards; get the liquid and conveniently apply with the dropper wherever you are during the day. It also comes with a 6-month supply, which is unique about the product.


Easy to apply
Liquid application is convenient


Demands regularity, skipping a day or two probably compromises on its effectiveness

Beard Grow XL

There are very few products that actually deliver what they claim with facial growth. Beard Grow XL is a guarantee for full and speedy growth of your beard and it probably will take care of your problem of uneven facial hair . It is the most unique in this category because of its ingredients. The manufacturer has focused its components to natural ingredients; yes, no chemicals and hormonal alteration elements on your skin. This product contains vitamins A, C, E, B1, B6, and B12. It also contains Biotin and Saw Palmetto.

Biotin will be great for hair growth, it is also known as vitamin H. The water soluble natural ingredient in this product not only grows thicker hair but also maintains your skin unlike other products that affect the skin.
Saw Palmetto is a herbal supplement, which alters functioning of testosterone by converting it to DHT thus preventing hair loss.
Manufacturers of this product believe hair grows form the inside; thus, if any alterations or enhancements are required, it has to be inside the body. This explains the natural ingredients on Beard Grow XL. It actually ranks as the top among all other natural hair growing products. There are no side effects whatsoever. Beard Grow XL does not only help in thickening hair on your chin but also mustache, sideburns, and neck hair.


  • First of all – it contain only Natural ingredients
  • Quick results
  • Most of all – it has No side effects


  • Hair is likely to grow unevenly

Maxx Beard

This is a new product in the market that you may only find it on Amazon. However, it is effective than more other products existing in the market. Maxx beard is a serum that comes in 2 ounce bottles with a dropper. The dropper helps in focusing your treatment and beard enhancement procedure.
It contains multiple natural ingredients that make it favorable for many people. Kopyrol is an organic substance in Maxx beard that distinguishes it from the rest of beard growth products. Kopyrol dilates blood vessels around hair follicles hence healthy growth. Other components in the product are castor oil, biotin, and Azetinol.



  • Tingling sensation after application

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