Slang Words for Beard In 2019

Slang Words for Beard In 2019

Facial Hair Slang words 2019

Do you know there are so many different and unique slang words for beard available in the world?
Yes, you have read it right. People call beard and the tools related to it with so many different names according to their culture, norms, or fashion sense.
We cannot deny the fact that beard has become a symbol of men fashion these days. A well-kempt and well-organized beard enhances the personality of a man besides giving him a mature look.
Let’s see some popular and amazing slang words for beard below:
Goatee is a style of facial hair that you get when you grow a beard on the front and sometimes a little bit below the chin. People also grow a moustache to accompany the goatee style.

Lamb Chops



It is also one of the slang word that is used in place of a beard or facial hair.

Soul Patch

This is a quite rare term that we don’t hear that often these days. Soul patch actually refers to the style where you grow a little patch of hair under your bottom lip.


Stubble is one those slang words that indicate a style in which the facial hair are very short and some small stiff hair begin to appear after a day or two of not going for a clean shave. The term “stubble” actually refers to the feel and texture of the beard which gives a feel of a soft sandpaper when you touch it.


Tweard is a term that people use for a beard that is grown for 2 years. When people say yeard, it is known as one year. Similarly, when you say tweard, it means two years of a beard.

Van Dyke

The van dyke beard style got popularity after the painter Anthony Van Dyke. It is the kind of facial hair style where you combine the hair of your moustache with the goatee. When you go for this style, you basically grow a small moustache and small goatee with every other place completely cleaned shave. There are also some exceptions to this style as some people grow hear around the chin and the lines of the face to give themselves a more defined look.


Vellus is the term given to the first facial hair that grows on your face during adolescence. These hair are actually soft and lighter than the normal facial hair. Vellus is also used to describe some blonde or lighter hair that grow in the beard. This is quite common in young boys or men that grow beard.

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