Muslim Beard Styles Guide for 2019

Muslim Beard Styles

The Complete Guide For Muslim Beard Styles

Beard has a very great significance for Muslims.
When we think of Muslim beard styles, an impression of large and unkempt facial hair crosses our mind.
There are many people who believe that Muslim men are bound to wear beard by their religion which is actually not true.
Growing a beard in Islam is a “Sunnah” which is actually following the tradition of the Prophets including Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
If you consider the religious aspect, the most recognized beard style for Muslim men is to let the beard grow and cut the moustache.
There is actually no hard-bound rule of what a Muslim beard style should look like.

Muslim Beard Styles in 2018

Muslim Beard is usually a full and a long beard in which the moustache is optional or in most cases it is trimmed.
There are many men who believe that having a beard on your face actually means to allow the facial hair grow in an unkempt manner
which is actually a bad idea.
If you want to grow a Muslim beard, it should look clean, neat and well outlined.
Otherwise, it starts creating an unpleasant impression.
Besides the religious aspect, beards are quite in trend these days. They have made a huge comeback in the last few years.
Today, most of the people think that a man who grows a beard is quite intelligent, much cooler, and has an air of maturity in them.
It makes you look more responsible and mature.
Parallel to that, beard helps men to hide their facial spots or blemishes by giving them an organized look.
However if you have got the ability to grow hair on your face, you should explore various different beard styles to find the one
that actually matches your personality and enhance your look.
There are so many beard grooming products available in the market that are intended to provide you with the tools which
can guarantee a good-looking beard. Let’s discuss some most popular Muslim beard styles these days.

Top 7 Muslim Beard Styles

Here are some amazing Muslim Beard Styles 2018 listed down for you:

Omar Borkan’s Arabic Beard Style

Omar Borkan from KSA is a poet, actor, and the latest internet sensation of this era. He got attention of everyone because of his hazel eyes,
exceptional good looks, and decent beard style. He has a beard on his face which is full and thick.

The King Style

The most prominent beard style in Muslim culture is the Arabian King Style.
The Arabian kings usually grow a kind of beard in which there’s a plain moustache and a short goatee.
This expresses their royal inheritance.

The Religious Style

If you are a Muslim man who wants to grow a beard according to the rules of the religion, the religious beard style is for you.
In this kind of beard, you shave off the moustache and allow the beard to grow to a good length. But, in order to go for this style,
you would have to keep in organized. Don’t make it look like an unkempt beard.

The Stubble Style

This beard style best suits the guys who have a fair and light skin. A simple and stunning stubble on your face enhances your beauty to a great extent.
If you want the stubble style to look good on you, you should trim your 3-4 days naturally grown unkempt facial hair into a clean stubble.

The Extreme Lining Style

Men who go for the extreme lining style are known to be very careful and possessive about their look. When you want to get this kind of styling beard, it requires a lot of patience.
You have to keep the lines clean and neat all the time to preserve this beard style in order to make a good impression.

The Arabian Circle Style

When you connect your moustache with the beard on the chin, it starts resembling a circle. This Arabian circle style is getting really popular these days.

The Heavy Stubble Style

This beard style attracts most of the people. It is neither a stubble nor a full beard.
This beard style looks so manly and well-groomed altogether as it complements men more than any other beard style.
You can grow the heavy stubble on your face as your go-to style for any kind of event and at any time of the year.

The Soul Patch Style

A soul patch is the kind of beard style in which you grow a light stubble with the moustache meeting your chin hair.
This is a real gem Arabian beard style. This style makes a man more noticeable among others.
So, if you want to grow the kind of beard that can attract the attention of others,  go for the soul patch style.

Thin Slope Jaw Line Style

The thin slope jaw line idea is just getting perfect for traditional Muslim men just because of a little bit of modern touch in it.
This style is carried by most of the Arab men who carry it with a turban. They proudly wear this beard style and show their culture into everything.
In order to add more beauty to this style, Arab men also wear a traditional Arab dress which enhances the beauty of slope jaw line.

The Mature Stud Style

As the name says, this beard style is for those Muslim men who want to look like a stud. In this kind of beard style,
you just let your beard grow and only cut it or trim it occasionally.
This beard style can never go wrong and you can wear it for any kind of formal or casual occasion even on your wedding too.

Top 5 Tips to Grow a Beard

Now, you have all the information about the best Muslim beard styles in town these days, it is important to know that growing a beard is not that easy.
It requires a lot of patience and techniques to have an organized and good-looking beard on your face.
I have written down some useful beard growth tips for you so that you can grow the kind of style you want without any problem.
Let’s discuss some beneficial beard growing tips below: Go for the style that suits you
When you have so many beard styles to follow, you just need to be careful to go for the one that actually suits your personality and your face.
Never opt for the style that will look weird on your face shape. So, before growing a beard, make sure that you know the style which will enhance your appearance.

Eat Healthy Food

Remember that growing a beard is a natural process where you need to have a healthy lifestyle.
If you want have a healthy and natural-looking beard on your face, make sure to eat a balanced diet. Add vitamins in your food.
Many of the beard experts say that Vitamins A, B, C, Vitamin E are of great importance in the growth of facial hair.
Besides that, you should also eat protein-rich food like meat, fish, nuts, and lentils etc.

Keep Your Beard Conditioned and Hydrated

Always use a good quality beard oil for conditioning your beard and making it soft and shiny.
In order to maintain the shine of your bead, always go for the oils that have natural ingredients in them as well as premium essential oils & extracts.
When you apply beard oil, it also moisturizes the skin underneath your beard, maintain follicle health,
and prevent flakes as well as itchiness.
Your beard also provides a reflection of your inner health so it is important to care for it and keep it organized.
Massage your beard 2 to 3 times a week with beard oil and afterward wash it good shampoo.
You will ultimately notice that your beard will start growing smooth, silky, and healthy.

Trim your beard nicely

Trimming should be an essential part of your beard cleansing routine so that it can look healthy and well-kept.
Buy a good quality scissor and trimmer for your beard.
Before trimming your beard yourself, learn all the proper techniques and tips that are required for making this process a smooth one.

Trim your beard once it starts looking disorganized and unkempt.
Different people have different facial growth so it totally depends on you’re the growth of your facial hair that when
it is the right time to cut and trim your beard.

Have Patience

See, facial hair can never go within a night.
It takes time to facial hair to grow as your body has to go through a lot of metabolic processes for this purpose.
There are many men who just come under the temptation to razor the facial hair off before they are fully matured.
Just never do that
Protect your beard from razor unless and until it gets developed and matured naturally.

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