Medicine to Grow Beard and Mustache

Medicine to Grow Beard and Mustache

Medicine to Grow Beard and Mustache

We are regularly asked if there are any medicine to grow beard and mustache to promote beard growth. We have never needed these ourselves, but we have nevertheless looked for whether these remedies really exist.

Therefore encountered the following two products: Biotin and Minoxidil. In this article we will explain what the differences are between the two and what they do. We say in advance, use is at your own risk and offers no guarantees.

  1. Biotin medicine to grow beard and mustache

We start with the drug Biotin.
“Biotin is the same as vitamin B8 and is needed to release energy
from food and plays a role in the formation of fatty acids.
Biotin keeps the skin and hair healthy.
You will find biotin in a lot of everyday food.
Think of eggs, liver, milk, nuts and peanuts.
If you get too little biotin, this can cause skin anomalies, anemia and depression.
But do not be afraid, because a shortage of biotin hardly occurs.
If you use biotin then you should know one thing, an excess of vitamin B8 does not hurt. You pee out the surplus.

Biotin is also known as vitamin B8 or vitamin H.
The form that is naturally present in food and drink is biotin or biocytin.
Vitamin is usually used in (multi) vitamin supplements and for addition to food.
For biotin, the Health Council has issued a recommendation
on how much you can take per day, which is 40 micrograms per day for adults.
As we said, it keeps the hair healthy. But this is not really the answer we were looking for. Although some claim that biotin stimulates hair growth, it has not been proven.
However, a deficiency results in hair loss, so it can not hurt to get the minimum recommended amount.
We did some research about real beard wearers and it became
clear that since they used biotin their beard has indeed become healthier.
Less hair loss and the beard became fuller.

Benefits of using Biotin medicine to grow beard and mustache

  • Your hair will become healthier
  • Less hair loss
  • It can promote beard growth

Cons of using Biotin medicine to grow beard and mustache

  • Your nails are going to grow very fast
  • If you stop with it, the hair growth will immediately become less

Here are some of the best biotin products that exsite on the market:

2. Minoxidil medicine to grow beard and mustache

An agent that was used to treat high blood pressure soon became
apparent that it also stimulated hair growth because the supply
of blood to the hair shaft was improved.
When you want to start with this, keep in mind that it is relatively
expensive and can have unpleasant side effects.
It is wise to consult your doctor; otherwise the scientific effect has never been proven.

Minoxidil is the only topical hair growth agent
Approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment
of hair loss and thinning hair in both men and women.
So this looks what we are looking for, a product for beard growth promotion.

But how does that work exactly?

The hair growth promoting effect of minoxidil was first noticed during
a clinical trial for high blood pressure.
During the research it became clear that minoxidil in pill form,
in addition to lowering blood pressure, also has a very positive side effect: on the regrowth of lost hair.
The researchers then decided to develop minoxidil into a hair growth agent lotion which led to the many minoxidil products that are now available.
Minoxidil is available as a lotion and foam in two strengths: 2% and 5%.
The 5% strength works better but also has more side effects.
Minoxidil should be applied twice a day.
Minoxidil, like biotin, reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth
in some people after a few months.
However, it becomes clear that the hair sometimes can get a different color or structure than your original hair.

You really get new hairs, but they look different than your own hair.
Do you perhaps have a beard with three colors later?
The substance works best in men under the age of 40 who do not yet have a lot of hair loss. You have to have a lot of patience (you should have that anyway
if you start to leave a beard), because the effect is only visible after three months.
After a year, the maximum effect is achieved.
Are you satisfied with it and want to keep this result, remember that you should use it every day.

The best product on the market is without doubt Kirkland Minoxidil, with over 700 good reviews on amazon and more than 4 stars, but if you other nice products with good reviews on the market such as:

Benefits of using Minoxidil medicine to grow beard and mustache

1. You already see results after three months
2. Promotes beard growth

 Cons of using Minoxidil medicine to grow beard and mustache

1. If you stop it, the new hairs can disappear
2. Risk of headache when using the product·
3.Hair can also grow in other places that you have not treated

Conclusion – Is it good to use medicine to grow beard and mustache?

After having done some research in beard groups and on the internet, t
he products Biotin and Minoxidil always appear as products that
can make your beard grow faster and make it nicer or fuller.
It  can works for most of the people.
You have to use it every day and if you already have a beard ritual in the morning that should not be a problem, but it is again something that takes extra time.

If you are not happy to take medicine to grow beard and mustache, you can always look for beard oils to encourage beard growth

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