How To Take Care Of Your Beard

How To Take Care Of Your Beard

Introduction – How To Take Care Of Your Beard 

Beards have become a trend and a generally accepted fashion statement in modern times with people occasionally dressing a beard to work or even to a fashion show event in a city. How To Take Care Of Your Beard became an important question these days. 

When walking down a street, you will not fail to notice the surprising number of youths and young men rocking beards. It can be universally agreed that from the old men down in homes to the young men in colleges, a beard is almost like an accessory that needs to be well taken care of and groomed. But it is more than just trimming the banks and hitting the streets as there is more of an art to it. Although some men might find this time consuming, the rewards are worth taking the time up for. The following tips will help men groom their beards well and optimize their growth as well.

Growing the Beard

This is the first step to taking care of beards and is equally as important as those that will follow. Truth be told, beards take time to grow. This means that you have to be patient while the whole process unfolds. The process is different with everyone but most men have their beards growing from a few weeks to a couple of months. During this stage you will need to make sure your face is clean as you need to regularly exfoliate the skin where hair will grow.

Your diet will also have to comprise of vitamins and protein to help the body synthesis hormones and chemicals that will trigger hair growth like testosterone. As it grows make sure it is cared for especially when trimming or cutting.

Trimming the beard

Knowing when and how to trim your beards is information that is essential in maintaining that healthy beard. You need to invest in a proper shaver that will not cause irritation to your skin. Beard will always have split ends but they should be trimmed at least every other week to reduce this possibility. When shaving, it is beneficial to put a hot towel over the beards to make for a smoother shaving experience. You can use either e pair of nice scissors or a beard trimmer. Trimming also makes the beard appear neat and clean as the edges are well done making you appear decent and good looking.

Brushing and combing the beard

Beards naturally follow the pattern that is dictated to them by the pre-existing facial hair. This is not a desired feature among men. Brushing and combing are both effective when it comes to achieving the desired pattern and shape. Beard combing makes the hair softer while stimulating growth. But be warned, brushing hair roughly might end up damaging the beard in the place making it nappy and rough. A good quality wooden brush will do the trick in grooming and make your demeanor more appealing and neat.

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Healthy Lifestyle

Consider that there are no foods that magically make hair grow over night. A healthy lifestyle and nutrition however makes the beard grow naturally at optimized levels. A healthy lifestyle and dieting promotes hair growth through providing the necessary nutrients to supplement hormone growth and this will in turn make your beard grow. Drinking water is important as well because it ensures your beard is well moisturized and soft. Doing all this makes the beard have that shine to its look. You should also consider having a good night’s sleep because rest and general well-being promotes healthy beards. Keep in mind that losing hours of sleep affects beard growth. So it is imperative that you get a good night’s rest and lead a healthy lifestyle if you want that beard healthy, long and shiny.

Use beard oil and other high quality beard products

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Taking care of a beard is not an event but merely a process.
All products that relate to your beard such as shampoos, beard moisturizers,
conditioners and oil have proven to be quite successful.
Beard oil is laced with essential oils that promote growth and a better texture that will prove helpful in maintaining your beard. But choose wisely as beard oil that comes with fragrance might cause an irritation to those with sensitive skin.

The benefits of oil can be seen from the first day as it will make the beard have a gloss and shine to its appearance.
Beard oil will soothe your beard if you had any irritation and itchiness prior to that.
Oil applied to your beard causes dry skin to become more hydrated and moisturized and this means that your beard will be hydrated. Oil helps the skin with better retention capabilities and scrap off the dead dry skin replacing it with a moisturized one.
If there were dandruff present, you will realize that as time goes by
the dandruff will slowly wear off. This will have your beard looking clean,
shiny and will have a dark colour as well.

Applying beard oil will also soften your beard making it easier to work
with especially when combing to the desired pattern and shape.

All the tips mentioned above should be incorporated in to your lifestyle for the best results. It may take time but ultimately it will pay off. Keep in mind that grooming your beard is a process not an event.

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