How to Straighten Curly Beard Hair

How to straighten curly beard hair

How to Straighten Curly Beard Hair

There are many ways to understand how to straighten curly beard hair, and although nothing can be annoying than a curly beard, getting your beard to grow straight is something that anyone can achieve.
Growing beard is used to display discipline, confidence, and patience. This has been around for a while until the 18th century, where we have a decrease in the beard trend. But the beard becomes the major face of fashion in the 90s with a new style and, modifications to the old styles. Today, a beard is common among most celebrities and young men. Curly Beards is caused by asymmetrical hair follicles on your skin. The longer our beards become the curlier they are.

How to straighten curly beard hair – Causes of Curl Beard 

Below are the causes of curl beard.

  1. Improper Care

Your beard is part of fashion. This can come in contact with food particles and dirt during the day. If you don’t wash it regularly, most of this dirt may stick and a rough beard. Your beard does not have its own immune system, which is why dirty beard can be curled.

  1. Low Temperatures

If you reside in an area where there is cold temperature, your beard will be the only part of your body that is not covered. This can affect your beard. Just like your skin gets dry, your beard gets dry as well. The beard oil gets dried in cold temperature and this can have a devastating effect on your beard quality.

  1. Dehydration

This is when your body loses more fluid than it takes in which affect our skin and anything attached to it. You need to take enough water daily to avoid this effect on your beard.

  1. Hard Water

Washing your beard with hard water can be dangerous.  This will make your beard rough.

How to train your beard to grow straight

The tips listed below are the various ways to straighten your beard or train your beard to grow straight. This will allow you to get rid of nasty curl beard:

  1. How to make beard straight and soft?- Use Good Shampoo and Soaps

Since your beard attracts particles easily, the only way to keep it clean is to wash regularly. And you don’t use your normal hair shampoo for this type of grooming. You will need to use the special beard shampoo that keeps your beard soft. You will need to massage the shampoo on the beard by using a special beard comb. And rinse with water, but make sure you wash the whole shampoo properly with water to avoid a curling beard. This is an excellent tip to keep your beard straighten.

  1. Keep a healthy diet

This is another golden rule. The healthier you feed the more straighten will be your beard. There are certain foods that will encourage healthy beard growth. You will have a good beard with food rich in vitamin H. This is a crucial vitamin for the beard growth. You can also try nuts, avocado, low-fat cheese, and egg. You will also need to drink about 2 liters of water a day, which will keep your beard straighten and hydrated. This keeps your beard nourished and healthy.

  1. Rub the Beard Gently

Beard hair is very vulnerable when they are damp. You will need to dry them gently before applying any oil or balm.

The Products to straighten beard – Products to keep beard straight 

If you are bearded or trying to grown beard we know you might be faced with the challenges of coming up with the products to straighten your curl beards. Below are few of those products that will help you to understand How to straighten curly beard hair

  1. Beard Silicon Cream for curly beard hair

This cream will be applied to your curl beard after washing it. We have hundreds of products on the market today to choose from. You will need to choose based on the result you want to achieve. You will need to apply the cream to your beard thoroughly. This cream allows the curled beard straighten in no time.

The Best Beard silicon cream that we know about are:

      1. Cremo Beard & Scruff Softener, Forest Blend

        If you want to get your beard soft, this one is the silicon cream for you – If you ever asked your self how to straighten facial hair
        well, this is the solution for you!

2. Beard Moisturizer for Men by The Rugged Bros

Another great product that will get rid of the curly beard that you have, It will make it soft and smoothe -Highly Recommended by our staff!

3. Proraso Shaving Cream, Refreshing and Toning

Basically, the use of this cream is to shave our beard, what we won’t do at any price in the world, but to be honest, if your facial hair is curly, this product just do the job – And it comes with a great price as well =)

2. Beard Brush for curly beard hair

You should not use the normal hair brush for your curly beard. The normal brush is brittle and hard which can break your beards rather than straighten it. We have a lot of beard friendly and soft brush in the market that you can use for your beard. By using this brush, you will ultimately have a straighten beard as a result.

1. SANDALWOOD BEARD COMB AND BOAR BRISTL BRUSH – For just 13$, you will get a Perfect set to get rid of your curly beard – If you asked how to straighten beard, well this Perfect Kit is for You!

2. Hair & Beard Comb + Brush – SET – Another great set, a bit more expensive than the previous one, but with almost 5 stars on amazon, you can’t get wrong with this great product!

3. Beard & Mustache Brush and Comb Kit By Smoothe Viking – We does not want to take care just for our curly beard, we have the curly mustache as well, so Smoothe Viking just came out with this outstanding Brush and Comb.

  1. Beard Oils for curly beard hair

Your beard may be dried due to cold temperature or the quality of water used. The beard oil helps you nourish the beard making it soft and straight in the process. Beard oil is available in various stores. You will need to go for the option that is gentle on your skin and apply on the curled beard.  This also serves as a protection after washing the beard and keeps it healthy. Beard oil is a good way to say goodbye to curl beard and dandruff. They are extracted from essential and carrier oil, which have an effect on the beard by supplying the best vitamin and helping it grow properly.  The common carriers used in the beard oil include grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, and sweet almond. Below are the few options of beard oil you can use:

    • Woodland Harmony Beard Oil– This is musky beard oil that is popular among bearded folks. The above beard oil is natural, which allow your curl beard to straighten out.

Another great beard oils in 2018

4. Beard Balm

Once you start using beard balm you will see good result. This help to straighten your curly beard and keep it groomed. The best part of the balm is that it will style your beard without any oily sensation. The Woodland Harmony beard balm has a good smell. You have to rub the balm on your palm before massaging your beard.

5. beard straightener – Andis High Heat Press Comb

If you are dealing with curly long beard, this beard straightener is just for you! Amazing results for anyone that buy this beard straightener!

Conclusion – How to straighten curly beard hair?

The summary of How to straighten curly beard hair are listed below:

  • You will need to wash your beard with a shampoo regularly.
  • You will need to use your towel to dry the beard.
  • Then apply the beard oil, and balm

Then the beard brush and comb should be used to spread the oil across the beard. The comb is designed for the beard which will allow you to get a tremendous result.

We hope that now you really understand How to straighten curly beard hair!

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