How To Grow More Facial Hair For Asian People

How To Grow More Facial Hair For Asian People

How To Grow More Facial Hair For Asian People

How To Grow More Facial Hair For Asian People? Can Asian men even grow a beard? Can you imagine a lion without a mane? Sounds weird, doesn’t it? The Famous Warrior, as well as an invincible conqueror, Chengizh khan, had a patched goatee whenever he went to conquer different parts of Europe and Asia. That is a legend. Ken watanabe is the living legend who knows well on how to flaunt his beard. This globally prominent Japanese idol is remembered as well for his role in “The last samurai”.

Likewise, we can give many names that pose beard to be the tool of intimidation. The attractive beard helps one in impressing women. Stubble for men is the sexiest, says the top model Adriana. Fade and full goatee is the latest trend amidst models and cine stars. You can call it to be a subtle transition from the sideburns.

Tested methods to see great results

So, to put it briefly, How to grow more facial hair for Asian people? Is it essential to know the biology behind the hair follicles? If you are aware of the neuroimmunology behind the growth of the hair follicles then you can trigger the growth better. Some of the techniques like vascularization as well as innervations are latest advancements, in the field to bring in positive changes, especially in the Asians. The physicians are suggesting the right supplements only based on the male androgenetic alopecia techniques. The most advanced method of all is the hypertrichosis that can completely bring in vast changes in your beard growth rate. These techniques are foolproof but have their own pros and cons.

Facial hair and the natural selection

So, let us dig into the root cause now. Why is that some of the Asian men are having sparse facial hair? If you look into the details then you will understand the simple fact that it is just the way the humans have evolved over the years. It is a kind of response to the external stimuli. If the climatic conditions are adverse then the body tends to get adapted to their environment around. People from different ethnic groups in different parts of the world face different adversities in the form of climatic conditions. The Weather conditions vary from one place to another. The body gets attracted to the situational changes accordingly.

Curry leaf powder

Curry leaves are available in abundance in the Asian countries in particular. Just because of the fact that it is used as one of the prime spicing ingredients in the food items, curry leaves are being sold in almost all the groceries stores around. It is not costlier something either. Buy it and wash it to remove the dust and dirt. Then make a paste out of it using cool water. Apply the paste on your face and on the scalp. Allow it to be dried. Wash it away with mild soap only after an hour.

When you are applying on the scalp and on the face, you are making the hair to get better replenishment in your face and head. The hair follicles get the best nourishment. The micronutrients available in the curry leaves are essential for best hair growth. Similarly, you can try a few other pastes too in the same manner. You can get the similar results with the egg white’s diluted mixture too. Mash up the Neem tree leaves and add on hot water to make it a paste. Apply it on the face.

Stay young and handsome

You will see best results. Similarly, you can try many other herbs of the other kind like Aloe Vera, nose berry, and so on. Yet, when you are going organic, you need to first see that your body gets suited well for that treatment. Thick, dark hair just naturally grows for an alpha male without any big efforts from his side. The above-mentioned method is to intensify the growth further. So that, you cannot see grey hair soon, despite aging process.

Consistency is the key

The minerals and vitamins, present in the curry leaves are good enough to protect the hair from the microbial attack. Especially in the Asian countries, the tropical climatic conditions, as well as the gathered dust and dirt, are good enough to play spoilsport to your complexion, and hair growth as well.

Asia is too big a continent to generalize the medications as suitable something for all of them from all parts of Asia. Climatic conditions are not just the same in all parts of Asia. Majority of the Asian dominion has tropical climatic conditions but there are some bitter cold regions too. If you are living in and around the Himalayas, then weather conditions vary by far.

Simple techniques that work

The above-mentioned curry leaves treatment, as well as the neem leaves, and the egg whites paste, can suit for all, under any circumstances. Other than that, if you are trying something different as an herbal remedy then that must be consulted with the physicians. Shave regularly. Keep your face free from dust. Avoid infections. When you are using the curry leaves for facial hair growth, there are multiple benefits as listed below.

  1. You can get dark and shiny hair growth
  2. Blood circulation is intensified
  3. You can procrastinate wrinkles formation
  4. Your beard is strong and attractive
  5. You can clear the blemishes and marks
  6. You get a healthier complexion

Along with that, if you are going to do the right workouts for a perfect face-lift, then you can walk with your chin up in total confidence and a bright smile on your face.

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