How to Grow a Beard – Start Growing a Beard

How to grow a beard

How to Grow a Beard

Every man ask himself how to grow a beard.
Unfortunately, the beard is not equally full with everyone and that is why we have looked for different ways to get a fuller beard.
In this article I will show you the best way to get a fuller beard with good beard care.

Grow a beard can be easier than you would think in advance, but I must also tell you immediately that there are no secret miracle remedies.
Growing a beard is mainly a matter of patience.
You will soon notice that you do not get this done within a few weeks. Often patience proves to be the most difficult because we human are quite impatient.
Let the beard grow without even thinking about cutting.
Many men make the mistake of styling the beard too quickly.

How to Start Growing a Beard – starting a beard from scratch

1. Be Patient – How beard can be grown?

The beard does not grow quickly, on average only 1cm to 1.5cm per month. In addition, not every part of the beard grows equally quickly. The fast-growing zone is often around the throat and chin. On the side of the face it grows the beard “medium-fast”, but on the cheeks the beard grows by far the slowest. This ensures that the beard constantly grows out of proportion. You have a fast and a slow growing part. If your beard grows very strongly out of proportion then I can advise you to go to a good Barber to have the beard cut to a little bit. The Barber will cut your beard in a way so that it continues to grow in style in the coming weeks. What I want to say quickly, it is very important that you visit a good barbershop!

2. Every beard starts with holes, which will close within a few months

Here we combine the speed of beard growth and having patience. It is true that almost every beard contains bald spots. The reason why you do not see this is because the bald spots are overgrown by the rest of the beard. The beard consists of fast growing and slowly growing parts. Those slowly growing parts need time to grow over the bare spots. You now know that the beard grows about 1 cm per month. To cover a bald spot you still need a few cm beards. A few cm automatically means that you have to grow for a few months. It can therefore be very good that after 3 months you still do not have a nice beard. However, it may be that the world looks completely different 1 month later. Imagine that you just put the trimmer in the beard because you did not like it? Have patience and if after a month or 4 you are still uncertain about the appearance of the beard then discuss with your Barber whether it is really going to be or not.

  1. Beard growth can be accelerated by the right beard care – So you probably ask yourself how to get beard on face quickly

The speed and quality with which your beard grows can actually be accelerated.
Your beard is a product of the skin from which it grows.
So it is important to keep the facial skin healthy.
By healthy keeping I mean that the skin should get the
right nutrients and should not dry out.
Neglecting the health of the skin can have an adverse effect
on the hair follicles that are located there.
By using beard oil you help keep your skin healthy and your beard grow better.
In addition, good beard care helps to make your beard healthier and stronger.
When you need less cutting, you are quicker at your final goal.
One of the best beard oils that exists is the Organic Beard Growth Oil For Men, which will help you to achieve your goal to grow a beard as you want!

  1. Choosing a model helps you to focus on growth

Everyone has a favorite beard style. Some men find it cool to simply have a gigantic beard; others prefer a shorter beard with a big mustache.
When you choose your favorite beard style it can feel a bit overwhelming.
If you just started growing the beard, it can be quite demotivating to see your short beard in the mirror if you know where you want to go.
What you want to do is to grow your beard in smaller pieces of chop.
You always keep the ultimate beard style in mind, but before you do that,
look for other beard styles that help you reach the finish line.
As a guideline you can maintain that you want to find a different style
for every 5cm beard length. In my view, this is the coolest thing about growing the beard. You always have the opportunity to experiment and see if you might like it to
grow a big mustache with your beard.
If you have achieved a small objective, this gives you a very good feeling.
In this way it is very easy to be constantly motivated to be happy with the beard

5. You will never be completely satisfied with your beard

Maybe not nice to hear, but it is true. You will never be 100% satisfied with your own beard. There are always a few small things that you want to change.
These can be different things such as length of the mustache,
the shape of the beard or smaller things such as 1cm trimming off.
However, the danger is that you do something that you later regret in an ill-considered moment.
When you think of making a change to your beard,
take 1 day for each month that you grow the beard.
This way you can build in a few days of buffer so that you can be sure
if you want to do this.
You will never be satisfied with your beard, but the trick is to be
happy with what you have.

6. Be realistic about the status of your beard

You yourself are always the most critical of your own beard, but be realistic.
You know for yourself whether you have a nice beard or not.
Nobody likes to crack people who rip themselves off while they look cool.
The moments you decide to grow a beard you want to do this well too,
which are why this overview of most valuable beard tips is indispensable for every that want to grow a beard.

Can you make facial hair grow?

absolutely yes! just keep these good tips, look out on our other beard growth tips on the blog and start to believe that you have the beard that you always dream about.

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