How To Grow A Beard With Minoxidil

How To Grow A Beard With Minoxidil

How To Grow A Beard With Minoxidil

Are you tired of having a patchy beard or no facial hair? Want to know how to grow a beard with Minoxidil? Then look no further, we have a solution for you that will definitely bring the results that you have been seeking for the longest time.

History of Minoxidil

Minoxidil famously known as Rogaine has been in the market for decades now, given its definite results- the use is now more spread out all over the world. This product functions as a vasodilator with anti-hypertensive characteristic. Its original use was medicinal as it worked great for subsiding blood pressure- this form of medication was oral as opposed to the sub product which is topical. Upon discovery that the medication could result into hair growth everywhere, the topical solution was formulated.

How Minoxidil works

The solution helps hair growth or regrowth simply by stimulating the hair follicles and reviving them.

How to apply Minoxidil

Minoxidil comes in different forms, these are the main forms you can acquire them in:


Here is a step to step guidance on how to apply the topical solution for faster results:

  1. Wash your face with any natural soap; avoid using scented soaps on your face. You can opt for clean plain water which works impeccably well.
  2. Take the teat dropper and measure out one millimeter
  3. Steadily put small drops across the face where the beard is expected to grow until the dropper is empty.
  4. In a case whereby your face is a bit too wet and you still have remaining solution I the dropper, take two of your fingers and rub in the solution gently onto the skin.
  5. Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water.


  1. Wash your face meticulously using a non-abrasive soap or go for a natural method and utilize plain water solely.
  2. Measure one millimeter using the teat dropper to the line indicated
  3. Begin spreading the liquid on the areas you expect growth evenly until the dropper is empty. If it so happens that the dropper is still not emptied and your face is fully drenched, proceed to step four of the process.
  4. Using two fingers rub in the solution very gently all over the beard area and add the remainder to finish off the work
  5. Never forget to wash off your hands after this exercise.


This is quite similar in terms of application to the other forms but the disparity is still existent. Here is how to apply foam Minoxidil for beard growth;

  1. Wash your face thoroughly with soap and water. You can opt for plain water.
  2. Run cold water through your fingers to drop their temperature. This is because the foam tends to dissolve quickly if the fingers are warm.
  • Tip the bottle upside down, then measure a substantive amount onto its cap ( 1 millimeter is enough for the exercise) . Dispense the foam onto your fingers from the cap.
  1. Using your other set of cold fingers, scoop little amounts of the foam as you apply to the bearded area. Repeat this until all the foam is used up.
  2. Always wash your hands thoroughly after the exercise.

After applying it, leave it for around four hours for the skin to absorb it fully. After the time has elapsed you can wash your face once more and apply lotion if you prefer. Some men prefer not to wash off the solution once the time has gone by, others use it at night and sleep once it has dried. Every man has their own way of utilizing this amazing product and they are all acceptable.

You may experience some dryness after beginning your hair growth journey with Minoxidil so ensure that you are prepared to hydrate. You can increase your water intake or purchase a lotion or oil to sooth your skin and keep it moisturized.

Setbacks of Minoxidil

With every great product, there are certain backsides that accompany it. We are very transparent when it comes to the use of this particular product and do not hold back any information regarding its use whether good or bad. Some men have displayed concerns about the product after commencing their beard journey; these are some of the effects you may encounter, not necessarily all at once;

  • Overeating
  • Being bloated
  • Flaky skin
  • Headaches
  • Heart palpitations
  • Fatigue
  • Irregular sleep patterns
  • Temporary hair shedding

Temporary hair shedding simply implies that you may lose some few strands of hair upon using Minoxidil. This is not a bad thing all the way; it simply means that the old hair roots are making way for the new growth to take place. This usually occurs 1 or two months into using this solution.

However, do not read too much into the side effects, some may be merely subconscious and not necessarily what is happening.

This process is not as long-term as people expect. Results start streaming in from 6 months to two years depending on the frequency and the discipline also the genes. As soon as you witness any kind of substantial growth is the sooner you can halt the use of this great product. When you stop using it, you may experience some shedding but nothing to be alarmed by, this is normal. It is advisable to stop using Minoxidil when the beard is thick and coarse.

This journey is not for the faint hearted; every man’s experiences different rates of outcomes. Your beard may be responsive in weeks while others take up to a year. The beard however does come eventually, all you need is patience and persistence throughout the journey and you will get what you seek.

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