How to Grow a beard for the First Time

how to grow a beard for the first time

How to Grow a Beard for the First Time

Growing a beard is not just when you turning 14. you can learn how to grow a beard for the first time at any time and any age.
Like anything that you are doing for the first time, when you decided to start growing a beard you need to set goals – What kind of beard do you want for you?

Does anyone can have a beard? Absolutely!
But wait your horses! no one promise that it will be an easy journey, if you want to grow a beard for the first time, you have to be determined and to understand that like any other thing that are you do in your life, You will only see results based on your investment.

How to grow a beard for the first time – The 10 Commandments

Sometimes when we want to start a new thing in our life, we are very excited
at the beginning, but at some point we just give up.
The reason for that is that in the modern world we expect immediate results,
we don’t enough patience to the process.
One of the most inspiring phrases I’ve ever heard was “TRUST THE PROCESS
as stated by the former 76’s GM Sam Hinkie.

As the 76’s reaps the rewards right now, after everyone laughed at Sam hinkie and
his “process”, you need to ignore all the noises around you and take yourself these
10 simple steps that will help you to understand how to grow a beard for the first time.

1. Believe That you can have a Beard

Yes it sounds stupid, but you have to believe it, when you grow your beard for the first time, you need to understand that it will be a long process – so even if you have bad
beard days – try to ignore them and step into the next steps.

2. Pay attention to your Diet

Most of the people does not talk about it, but the diet is an integral part of growing
A beard, so you have to put attention about your food – you should eat more protein,
avoid sugars, and generally take control of all things that get into your mouth.

3. Start Exercising!

It is so necessary to exercise when you decide to grow a beard – The workout takes out hormones that increase the growth of hair, so you just need to choose what kind of
workout fits for you!
As I told you before, I started with the INSANITY Workout which really changed my life,
except from gain more confidecne and look better, it is for sure help my beard grow
faster and better.

4. Look yourself at the mirror every day

You better think that I’m crazy with these weird tips, but it is so important when you grow a beard for the first time to have this routine which will motivate you – look at the mirror,
start to love the parts that already exists, Imagine how you fill all the parts that
Isn’t full yet and the most important thing – Try to enjoy the process.

5. Wash your Beard 3 Times a day(At least)

Simple but effective, but when you think about it, it is quite logical.
You wash your hair everyday with the best shampoos, best conditioners, and your beard needs the same treatment – Wash it with the best products that exists on the market.
Your beard needs that. Here are some suggestions :
7 BEST beard conditioner softener
Best Beard Shampoos 2018 -7 Best beard shampoos

6. Choose The Best beard growth products that work

Although the fact that there is many beard growth products out there, you should do your research( like we did, this is how we found the best beard growth products that work)
and choose the products that will boost your beard fot the first time.

7. Use a good Beard Oil

If you have a goal to grow a beard for the first time, you should take with you
a good beard oil to your journey, in order to achieve that goal.
You should read the facts about what does beard oil do to your beard, and from there
go and pick the best beard oil that will fit for your needs.

8. Pick A beard style that you WANT

Another point that no one talk about is the fact that you should need to choose your goal – which will be the best beard style for you.
It does not matter if you are black, white, or asian – you can always find the beard style that you want to achieve. Here are some suggestions:
Black men beard styles
Most popular beard styles
Facial beard styles on 2018

9. Take photos of your progress

It is almost impossible to see the results while you are in the process(remember that we talked about it?:) )
So pick yourself a day on the week and take a photo- compare it to the week before and I Promise you that you see the change – it will absolutely motivate you to keep on the good
If you already have a nice beard you can look for produtcs that will help you to take
care of it, like beard combs or beard waxes.

10. How to grow a beard for the first time – GIVE IT TIME

The final but the most important – Time is your most valuable asset, and as for beards,
you should give it the time that it’s need – take care of it like you grow a baby, believe that it can be the best beard ever.
And I’m SURE that you will see results, no doubt on it at all.

If you have any question, feel free to ask anything that up in your mind.


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