Facial Beard Styles in 2018



When it comes to beard models and facial beard styles , there are many that are considered fashionable. If you do not know what you would do well, it is best to try a few facial beard styles.

One of the best and easiest ways to find out what types of facial beard styles you should try is to watch what celebrities and athletes do every day with their beards. Sometimes those beard styles are not, but it is worth the effort to try it yourself. What kind of different looks can you give your beard?

Here you can find some of the best Facial Beard Styles on 2018

  1. Sophisticated full beard style

One of the best things you can do with your facial hair is to care for
your beard every few days.
A beautiful beard is perfect for every month, in the heat or in the cold.
You can grow your beard as wildly as a hockey player if you want,
but nobody will see you as someone who had refined beards in mind.

Sophisticated facial hair styles

  1. The two-day look style

This is a style that everyone stands.
The two-day look is a beard that is not as dark and full as beards that are a few weeks old,
but not so light that you cannot see it.
This is another example of a beard that can be considered refined,
but it is also something that can be seen as sexy or mysterious.

round beard style

3. The Clooney style

This beard is made famous by George Clooney and his pepper and salt hair.
This beard is a look that millions of men with salt and pepper try to imitate every day,
but not everyone succeeds.
Clooney actually only has this style during award shows and film premieres,
but it is also something that you can do during normal days and will
lead to extra attention from “fans” in the supermarket,
the petrol station and wherever you go. 

George Clooney beard

4. The wild goatee beard style

For those who prefer not to have a full beard,
there are many other options that you can use.
One of those options is the simple goatee.
The wild goatee does not have the sharp with the fine lines; it is rather freer and wilder and spreads a bit to the cheeks.

The wild goatee beard style

5. The sharp goatee style

The sharp goatee is a look where fine and sharp lines from the area of ​​your mustache to your chin go.
As long as there is a straight line connecting these areas,
it does not matter how thick they are.
All that is needed to get this style is simply keeping your goatee where it belongs.

The sharp goatee style


  1. The edge up beard style

The edge up is a fashionable style for every person of every color and/or origin.
This beard style is one that, if maintained properly, can leave you standing for weeks and doing well in every situation.
It is a look that can be used at work or in personal life,
such as with dates and even at a funeral.
It takes a lot of time to create this style yourself, so look for the help of a hairdresser for the first time.

The edge up beard style


credit for the pic

  1. The Zach facial beard style

One of the stars of “The Hangover” is one of the few celebrities who can say that a beard style has been named after him. Zach Galifianakis is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood and his beard is as famous as himself. This style is a bit robust, but it is trimmed and maintained, unlike most beards that hockey players have. It may not be ideal during job interviews, but it is a style that can be worn on almost every occasion.

The Zach facial hair style

Conclusion for best facial beard styles on 2018

As you can see, there are many facial beard styles, and depending on whose beard you want to copy, you will be able to get the ultimate look. Whether you want to be full of pit, just like Galifianakis, or if you want to look sophisticated like Affleck and Clooney, these looks are a great starting point for your next beard style.


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