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Buying Beard Trimmer


Buying beard trimmer is so important when you decide to groom your beard.
You have a beard, but do not want it to be unkempt. Then the necessary care is required. The length of your beard needs to be within limits. The beard trimmer with adjustable length is the required to do that effectively. What is the function, the costs and where else should you pay attention to when buying a beard trimmer? A beard trimmer uses power to do its job. This can be done in three ways: via the mains, with battery or batteries. With a model on battery or batteries you are more flexible. But you have to charge the device. It is of course very annoying that when you update your beard, you find out that you have to charge it first. Especially for this reason it is useful to choose a trimmer that can handle everything.

Buying beard trimmer- Display

A beard trimmer is actually a very simple device. There is no need for an extensive display. The level of the battery or battery is of course handy. As well as the desired hair length. This does not necessarily have to be done with extensive displays, but can also be made clearer in simpler ways. The display is in that respect also a design thing and something that is often more extensive in the more expensive models to distinguish themselves.

Buying beard trimmer- Adjust the desired beard length

You have beard in many shapes and sizes and that also applies to the length of the beard. It is therefore important to find a trimmer that can handle the length you have in mind. And if you also want to vary with your beard, or do not know what your ideal hair length is, it is useful to take a device with ample possibilities. The minimum length is usually between 0.1 and 0.5 mm. The maximum lengths are further apart. Some trimmers can be up to 7 mm; others go up to 15 mm. And it is also worth looking at which positions you can choose exactly. Can you set per half a millimeter or per whole millimeter? What you need in this area is very personal.

Buying beard trimmer – Accessories and fittings

Most of the beard trimmers have one or more accessories. In the first place it is almost always a comb attachment and sometimes several. For example, a special comb attachment, so that you can use the beard trimmer as a trimmer. But also think of a comb attachment for your nose, ears eyebrows or mustache. Whether you want to use your trimmer for that and if you always need special combing, you will have to decide for yourself. In addition, you should think of accessories such as scissors, oil for the care of the knife and a brush for cleaning. A storage bag as an accessory can also be very useful. This is even more important when your beard trimmer consists of several parts, such as the device itself, the charger, and other accessories. Through the bag, you can easily store everything and always keep it together.

In the shower

Trimming your beard produces the necessary small hairs. Still a mess, when you do that standing by the sink. That is why it is useful if you can use the beard trimmer in the shower. You were so straight away from all the small hairs. Of course, this is only possible with trimmers that work with battery or battery, because of safety. If you do not want to trim your beard in the shower, it may be useful to look at beard trimmers that catch the beard hair. Sometimes that is a sort of receptacle. In others there is an extraction mechanism that actively absorbs the trimmed hair.

Cleaning the beard trimmer

You want to be able to clean a beard trimmer quickly and easily. It is also handy that your beard trimmer is waterproof. You can usually simply rinse the shaving head under the tap. If a brush is supplied, you can use it as an aid in cleaning. Even with beard trimmers that you are not suitable for under the shower, you can sometimes just rinse the head. Be sure to pay attention.

Which brands are all there?

One of the largest brand beard trimmer in the market is Philips. After that come brands like Braun for men, Remington and Panasonic. However, Philips offers about three times as many models as its competitors. It is therefore no wonder that Philips is the best-selling brand.

Buying beard trimmer – How much beard trimmer cost?

The cheapest trimmers cost around 25 euros. There are still cheaper ones, but beware: often these are not beard trimmers, but nose / ear / eyebrow trimmers. The most expensive models are around 100 euros, with a single peak to 150 or even 180 euros. You certainly do not have to spend 100 euros to just find a beard trimmer. For a small 50 euros you already have excellent devices. The trimmer that is battery operated, waterproof and range between 0.2 to 10 mm allows you to trim your beard growth perfectly. But maybe you have very specific requirements or interest in the extra accessories, possibilities and functions of the more expensive devices. In that case you have to compare well to determine exactly what the differences are.

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