Buying a Shaver

buying a shaver

Buying a Shaver

buying a shaver – There are various types of shaving systems for men, and here interesting information about electric razors is provided. When you are looking for a shaver, you will find information about the characteristics of shavers and useful tips that are important when buying a shaver.

Types of shavers

There are different types of electric razors that can be divided into categories
based on certain important characteristics, such as:

  • Only to be used via mains, a rechargeable shaver or a battery shaver.
  • Vibrating or rotating shaving system.
  • Only use dry or wet.
  • What extra options or accessories are supplied with the shaver?

So if you want to buy a shaver, it is important to pay attention to these points and determine what you prefer. After this you can read more about these properties and functions of shavers.

Choose a shaver on power, batteries or rechargeable

We can be brief about a shaver on batteries. Often you can only shave a short
time with a set of batteries.

  • The advantage is that when you always have spare batteries,
    you can always shave anywhere in the world.
    A shaver that works on power always has sufficient capacity to properly
    complete the shave.
  • A disadvantage is that there must always be a power outlet nearby and that
    these items are not suitable for use in the shower.

A rechargeable shaver is very useful.
You place a rechargeable shaver in the corresponding docking station
when you do not use it, and it is automatically charged, so that with e
very shave you have enough power to be able to shave at will,
while you do not suffer from a cord.
There are also shavers available within this group that can be used in the shower.
In practice it can be seen that the life span of the complete system can
be just a little shorter than that of a shaver that only works on the mains.
When purchasing a rechargeable shaver, always pay attention to the
charging time and the operating time, because there may be some differences.


Choice of a vibrating or rotating shaving system

Another important choice is that for a rotating or vibrating shaving system.

  • With a rotating shaving system that works with shaving heads,
    the contours of the face are perfectly followed, making it easy to shave in one go.
    You then have to make the choice for the number of shaving heads,
    which is usually two or three.
  • With a vibrating shaver the device is equipped with a shaving foil
    or shaving grating with a vibrating knife block underneath.
    Here you can choose a number of shaving sheets. Especially when you
    have a fairly dense beard growth, you have to choose a device
    with as many shaving blades as possible, which makes shaving easier and faster

Dry and wet shaving with a shaver

If you also want to be able to use your shaver in the shower,
you first have to choose a watertight model.
Of course, this way of shaving is only possible with a rechargeable
shaver or a shaver on batteries.
In addition, you can now also choose shavers that shave an emulsion
during shaving that facilitates shaving and skin care during shaving.
You can buy this emulsion that is moisturizing, and you can easily refill the shaver.

Extra options of a shaver

When you are going to buy a shaver, it is also important to pay attention to the following points. Please note that many extra options will only make the price of a shaver higher, so make a conscious choice for those options that you also intend to use. Some razors can only be cleaned with a brush and others can be rinsed under the tap. There are also self-cleaning systems available, where you place the shaver in a holder containing cleaning liquid.

  • A shaver can be equipped with a beard trimmer with which you can also keep your beard, mustache or sideburns.
  • It is useful when the shaver has the function of voltage adjustment, so that when you are on holiday in countries with a different voltage, you can still use your shaver.
  • Does the shaver have an adjustable shaving intensity, so that you can set the right intensity of shaving depending on the degree of beard growth.
  • Are accessories supplied with the shaver, such as a protective cap for the heads, a hanging cord, a travel case, a cleaning brush and a holder for putting the device in the way?

Brands and prices of shavers – buying a shaver

Some well-known and much-sold brands of shavers that also have a wide range of models are Philips, Braun, Remington and Panasonic. Prices vary greatly and are mainly related to the number of functions and options that a shaver has.

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