Black Men Patchy Beard – How to handle It.

Black Men Patchy Beard

Black Men Patchy Beard

Black men patchy beard are on the rise, and black men with patchy beard do not need to  feel ashamed for not having the clean cut grown beard, so know that you are not alone.
Beards were mostly associated with wealth and manhood up to recent days;
maturity is associated with the length of one’s beard.

African beards – Black Men Patchy Beard

African beards are very special and are held in high regards by the black community and beyond.  Black men experience a number of challenges when it comes to growing their beard and at times get frustrated and decide on shaving it all to avoid the hassle. If you are having a patchy beard, a very curly one or have dry texture, then do not be of dismay as you are not the only one suffering this menace.
An African beard is more than just what we see; it’s what we feel as well.
It goes deeper than the surface and as men we are much more attached to them.
It’s attractive and it echoes all the good qualities if it is tended to properly and frequently.


Walking down the street you may witness quite a number of African American men with amazing beards in full growth; however there is a percentage that does not have this privilege. Most black men often have patchy beards leading to the fact that genetics have played into this particular factor. There is nothing wrong with having this trait; it is simply beyond your reach which type of traits you may inherit. To be clear, it’s not only African American men who have patchy beards, this characteristic cuts across all races. Men hailing from different ethnic backgrounds find themselves with patchy beards as well- any kind of facial hair is subject to this fact and it is undeniable to all races. The fine line only occurs as this trait is quite rampant among men whose descent is of an African American origin as opposed to Anglo men.

This goes on to add on to the fact that there is no shame in having a patchy beard. Countless prominent people have this trait and could not care less about the general aesthetics. Some like William have embraced their different selves and so has the public.


Most men are usually in a hurry to grow their beard and get more and more eager to see results of their facial hair only to suffer disappointment. Beards in general are not in a hurry to grow, with only half an inch difference per month, you will be very frustrated to expect more than the mentioned. However this fact differs from man to man, yours may grow fast and another’s may grow a bit slower. With a little bit of research, we discovered that a Non- black man’s beard goes through 400 micrometers of growth each day as opposed to an African man whose beard grows at a slower pace of only 250 micrometers per day. This translates to about one inch for the Anglo man per two months and one inch for an African American man per three months.

All men’s beards have the same maximum length with disparity occurring only on the rate. Some men’s beards grow as long as six years while others achieve their maximum length after 3 months. The difference in texture makes the African beard appear shorter than the actual length.


African beard has a different texture obviously as compared to any other beards. Their growth is curly and in kinky form making it appears shorter. Take the concept of a coil, it seems shorter but once pulled, it is actually longer than expected. There are different types of beard textures i.e;

The Zig-Zag

They assume a long wavy pattern on your chin. They are very presentable to the naked eye. This type of trait makes your beard grow closer together and makes a long beard look extra short.

The Pure Coil

This refers to the beard that is closely packed spiral. This type of beard gives the illusion that the beard is long, thick spirals hanging down your chin. Given that the beard grow together, this beard is quite easy to comb and maintain. The pure coil beard is so soft that it actually sways side to side when one walks or dangles in a playful manner.
This type of beard is regarded as the most soft beard type compared to the others.

The Fuzz Ball

This facial hair has no sense of direction, the hair strands assume different directions when it comes to growth leaving your beard looking like a piece of fluff. The beard has no particular pattern. It is regarded as the most challenging beard to handle; it often requires a lot of handling just to get it to look a certain way. Using oil and balm can assist it to be suppler- most men just leave it the way it is.

Conclusions – Black Men Patchy Beard AND THE

Managing a patchy beard for black men can be quite the daunting task but there are varied options for men to try out. Ranging from beard conditioning, waxing and straightening, you can have your beard looking exceptional in no time. The different ointments available for African American hair are quite many in the market and have proven to work for most men. Therefore, there is a solution for everyone. You can have your beard looking exquisite and healthy in no time.

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