Best Tips: How to Apply Beard Oil in the Right Way

How to Apply Beard Oil in the Right Way

Almost all the men know that they need beard oil to keep their beard healthy. But, most of them do not know that how to apply beard oil in the right way. Applying beard oil is not enough because it is necessary to learn the right tips and techniques that are required for applying the oil to your beard.

Best Beard oils are so much effective for the health and growth of your beard. They stop the unwanted itching and dandruff in your beard thus making it look nice and beautiful. Try to buy a good quality and natural beard oil because it is what that keeps your beard healthy and strong.

How to Apply Beard Oil in the Right Way

There is nothing complicated in applying the beard oil but as you know there is always a right and wrong method of doing everything.

Let’s below discuss the right method of applying beard oil:

  1. Apply the Beard Oil after Shower

Make it your habit to apply beard oil every time you get out of the shower. At this time, you beard is all clean and the pores of your skin are open in a nice way. Dry your beard gently before applying beard oil and leave it slightly damp.

  1. Pour the oil on your palm

Well, there’s nothing difficult in pouring the oil on your palm but make sure not to pour a lot of oil. Try to have 4 to 5 drops maximum of beard oil in your palm. You can also use a dropper for this purpose and can save your oil from getting wasted.

  1. Spread the oil on your palm and fingers evenly

Once you have successfully poured the oil in your hand, nicely spread it on your fingers and palms.

  1. Apply the oil into your skin

Before spreading the oil onto your beard, make sure to apply it into your skin first because it is very important to apply the oil to the roots of your beard so that it can get healthy and strong.

  1. Apply the oil to the beard

Once you have applied the oil into the roots, it is the time to spread the oil into the beard. Distribute the oil evenly in your beard by moving your hands from the bottom of the beard to the upward direction. After that, use the tips of your fingers to coat the hair of your moustache.

  1. Comb your beard after applying oil

Keep a separate comb for your beard because you will need it every time you apply oil to your beard. When you have fully applied the oil to your beard, comb your beard afterward. Combing your beard after applying beard oil holds great benefits. It prevents ingrown hair to show up, line up your beard hair to make it look fuller, and keeps random hair from going into your mouth. Besides that, it also helps in distributing the oil evenly in your beard so that your beard would not look weird.

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