Best Beard Oils Reviews in 2018

best beard oils 2018


Best Beard oils are really important these days to Encourage beard growth. Wearing a beard is no longer a hipster thing or a temporary trend, but the beard is worn by men in all layers of society and almost in every industry and on the shop floor. Where sales of shaving accessories are going down, we see the opposite happening in the sale of beard care. Men grow beards more often and also take the time and effort to give their beard the necessary attention for optimal beard care.

What is beard oil?

Beard oils are a blend of various nutritious oils that penetrate the underlying hair follicles, making the skin less itchy and therefore no longer irritated. This eventually results in less beard rose, itching, and sensitive skin by directly in the hair follicles to withdraw. A similar process is done with hair conditioners. The oil provides, as it were, a moisturizing boost for your hair and facial skin that is ‘active’ during the day.

The benefits of beard oils

A hydrated, underlying skin with healthy hair follicles, allowing No beard can occur due to dry skin and hairs, so that Optimum shine and growth is stimulated, which ensures that  Your hairs are easier to comb, resulting in A neat and groomed beard that shows who you are, with which Make a success of every opportunity. The oil is also suitable for all skin types because of the natural carrier oils.

Does beard oil really work?

Yes. That is of course easily said as a writer of a magazine about beards, but of all available beard products this is the one where you will see and feel a noticeable difference. But do not take it from us. We hope that you will try beard oil yourself and have as good an experience as us. At the bottom of this article you can read in a handy overview the best beard oil that is currently for sale.

What is beard oil made from?

Beard oil is available in a wide range, but qualitative beard oil contains two basic ingredients: carrier oil and essential oils (mostly fragrance makers). These are the ingredients that you should pay attention to when purchasing. Premium beard oil consists for 90% of carrier oil, supplemented with fragrant essential oils.

  1. Carrier oil

Carrier oil has strong nourishing properties and acts as a care product for your skin and beard hairs. Short or long hairs, they will feel noticeably softer once beard oil is used where carrier oil is present as the main ingredient. Carrier oil is not only found in beard care products: almost all nourishing care products use this special type of oil. Think of shampoo, shaving soap, conditioners and face lotions. Carrier oil is the ingredient that gives your skin and beard hair the necessary vitamins and care.

  1. Essential oil

Essential oil has been added in almost all cases to give a nice, typical fragrance to the blend. The scent palette is enormous and the choice is great. That makes the selection of beard oil also something personal. You will find that you are looking for the best scent that suits you best. Some essential oils have secondary properties in addition to their odor.

Buying beard oil: pay attention to these carrier oils

It can be difficult to make a choice from the huge offer that is on sale. When selecting beard oil you should at least pay attention to the following ingredients. The best brands have at least one of the following carrier oil as main ingredient:

    • Jojoba oil – Is Jojoba oil good for beards?

      This Jojoba oil is often used as a conditioner, since this type of oil does not evaporate and therefore stays in the hair throughout the day, which ensures good conditioning.

    • Argan oil – Is Argan oil good for beards?

      Argan oil has a high vitamin E content, which makes your skin feel extra soft. Vitamin-E also maintains the elasticity of cells, which is also the reason that Argan oil is often used as an anti-aging product.

    • Coconut oil – Is Coconut oil good for beards?

      Coconut oil protects the skin and the nourishing vitamin E, vitamin K and iron provide firm hair. Helps also slightly to maintain the hair color.

    • Olive oil – Is Olive oil good for beards?

      Olive oil naturally contains many antioxidants. These soothe the skin and effectively combat red and taut skin. Antioxidants also ensure faster healing of dried skin or burnt skin from the sun. Olive oil also helps well against split ends and beard, because the underlying skin is optimally fed. Often used in anti-wrinkle creams and products.

    • Avocado oil – Is Avocado oil good for beards?

      Naturally greasy oil that boosts the shine and vitality of the hair. Also contains a lot of vitamins A, B, C and E, which ensures shine and vitality.

    • Sunflower oil – Is Sunflowr oil good for beards?

      Extra good for dry skin because of the fatty acids present.

    • Grape seed oil – Is Grape seed oil good for beards?

      Grape seed oil contains extremely high concentrations of Proanthocyanidin, which is an antioxidant that is about 20
      times stronger than vitamin C.

    • Almond oil– Is Almond oil good for beards?

      Almonds are 32% fat, including the important omega-9 and omega-3 fats. Omega-3 fats intensively nourish the skin and keep the moisture content in good condition.

How to use beard oils

The use of beard oil is so important that you must include its use in your daily (morning) routine.
Try to combine it with your regular activities: after shaving your neckline,
showering (so that your pores are open) or brushing your teeth.
Our advice is after showering.
Make sure your beard is completely dry when you apply the oil because oil repels water! Apply beard oil with a pipette that is on most beard oil bottles,
otherwise you use your fingertips.
The amount of oil you need depends on the length of your beard.
If you have just passed the stubble length, use 1-2 drops.
Are you a veteran with a big beard than you use several drops,
until the oil is well absorbed everywhere.
Use more as the length of your beard, with up to about 5 drops.
Massage the oil with your fingertips to the skin and then distribute
evenly over the rest of your beard.

Best Beard Oils on 2018

  1. Prospector Co. Burroughs beard oil

The Burroughs beard oil from Prospector Co. is one of the best known and most popular of this year. Prospector Co. is a tough and striking American brand for men and has become known by using handpicked ingredients in its products. This oil contains no less than 5 carrier and essential oils and therefore has a strong nourishing effect on both your skin and beard. The Burroughs oil has a woody scent that evokes a nostalgic feeling. The bottle is equipped with a practical pipette. Because of the potent ingredients you do relatively long with a bottle.

2. Beardbrand Tree Ranger

Beardbrand is now one of the best-known beard brands in the world. The brand has grown because the company creed is clearly visible throughout the product line: producing the ultimate quality of beard care. The Tree Ranger is of premium quality and is a blend of the highest quality oils. The beard oil provides a healthy shine and softness.

3. Crux Supply Co. № 037

It is not for nothing that we have the Crux Supply Co. № 37 specially brought to the Netherlands after we have been allowed to try samples. This beard oil contains essential avocado and jojoba and is full of healthy nutrients. The smell is earthy and natural and remains noticeable for quite a long time, but without being overwhelming. Crux Supply Co. is an American company with a focus on organic grooming and skin care and uses only natural ingredients in its products.

  4. Proraso Wood & Spice

Proraso is an Italian brand with more than 100 years of experience in the barber world. They have used this knowledge to bring a qualitative beard care to the market. The Proraso olio da barba is available in three different fragrances, of which we think the Wood & Spice is the best. The fragrance is fresh, with a hint of Mediterranean citrus. The oil softens the hair while they get a fresh scent.

 5. Bath House Spanish Fig & Nutmeg

With the Spanish Fig & Nutmeg oil Bath House presents a beard care of extremely high quality. The ingredients are from 100% natural source and have a subtle aroma of nutmeg and figs. The rich, vegetable oil is packed with vitamin E and essential oils. Your beard hairs feel noticeably softer when using Bath House beard oil. Bath House is a famous English brand known for their unique fragrances.


Beard oils is not a miracle cure, but a proven solution for a well-known
problem among men who are in the process of growing a beard.
Beard oils gives your sebaceous glands that can no longer
handle fat production the necessary help so that the underlying
skin is still nourished and cared for.
The result is therefore no irritated skin,
but shiny beard hairs that feel soft and grow optimally and are easy to tame.

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