Best Beard Oils For African American

Best Beard Oils For African American

Beard Oils For African American

There is a wide range of best beard oils for African American beard in the market ;
however knowing the legitimacy can be quite tricky. Before delving much deeper
into the different kinds of oils available, it is paramount that we tackle the
surface of beard caring first.

How to Care for Your Beard

Inquiries made by black men all over the world on how to tend to beards and how to achieve maximum growth has been overwhelming on our end. Therefore,
this article is aimed at giving you solutions for your beard struggle and
offer you well researched content on how to make your beard grow.
Given the nature of black beard being tightly coiled stemming from the
structure of the hair follicle, black men tend to deal with ingrown hairs upon shaving.
There exist different ways of preventing ingrown hair on black men that are proven to be successful:

Allow it to grow

It is advisable for a black man to allow his facial hair o grow without any interference by the barber or yourself. Do not be so eager to style your beard before it reaches its term.
It is mundane that you let your beard grow out for at least 4 weeks and at most 6 weeks so as to detect the different growth levels. After this period you can easily point out areas that have thick hair growth and the ones that appear patchy, thereby affecting the preferred beard style you had opted for in the beginning. The type of style you go for does not really carry that much weight, you are advised to be keen on factors like hygiene, conditioning and grooming of the facial hair which makes it much more appealing. Consequently, adding on to its aesthetic value.

Incorporate Beard Grooming Products

Black men require more moisture on the beard as compared to other men to avoid the hair from becoming brittle. It is paramount that they incorporate beard grooming products that aid the growth of their facial hair to make them suppler and lux. These products should help add the moisture content and hydrate their skin and hair. You can obtain these products over the counter or at stores. However, most stores have grooming products that end up drying out the skin and stripping the natural oils that actually assist the skin and prevent it from becoming flaky.

When it comes to beard oils, We recommend beard oils that contain the unrefined jojoba oil and pure argan oil for anyone looking out for legitimate results.
Ensure that the added scents to the can are not harmful to the skin;
opt for scents that are extracted from all natural essential oil blends as opposed to fragrance oils. Fragrance oils have been proven to be quite harsh to the skin given their ingredients are undisclosed. Essential oils have a reverse effect and come in quite productive as they will keep your beard looking lush and in healthy condition.

You can go the extra mile and apply a beard balm.
The beard balm serves the same purpose as the beard oil with very minor disparities.
The beard balm contains the same moisturizers found in beard oils, the balm in addition also contains butter and wax.
These two constituents aid in keeping the moisture trapped and skin hydrated,
the beard balm help making your facial hair appear thicker and fuller.

Things You Need for Your Beard

Most men do not know what they require upon commencing
their journey of beard growth. Men easily overlook
the importance of certain aspects but with this list,
you will have your beard growing and groomed in no time.

  • Beard soap- must be an all-natural soap
  • Beard balm- must contain sealants such as unbleached shea butter and beeswax as well as moisturizers
  • Combing your beard with a beard comb – opt for one with teeth that have smooth edges
  • Beard brush- These are quite functional in distributing oils and the balms throughout the beard evenly.
  • Moustache comb- this comb has finer teeth that help in precision when it comes to styling.
  • Beard oil- The beard oil is paramount to have on your check list. It must contain jojoba extracts and argan oil. Below you will find the best beard oils narrowed down for you in amazon:

The Beardbrand beard oil

This product has been cultivated for days on end and its constituents are all naturals.
Its amazing packaging tells it all from just one look but this beard oil goes way further to impress any man. This particular product with constituent daily usage has led to undeniable results for men. Going a little under 14 dollars, its pricing is relatively fair on Amazon. Its advantages are;

  • This beard oil is lightweight tendency will keep your beard looking glossy and conditioned
  • Its major constituent being eucalyptus , you will be smelling like the tropics

Argan oil by Leven Rose

The Argan oil is traced back to decades of perfection when it comes to hair growth.
This particular product is a mash up of different elements and vitamins that help stimulate the hair follicle resulting into immense growth. Its advantages are majorly recognizable;

  • They are non comedongenic as well a odorless
  • The Argan oil is lightweight and non-greasy –

These two beard oils for African American have proven to produce results if used consistently and over a certain period of time. They have legitimate reviews and can go up to three months of proper use. You cannot simply afford to miss out on any these products.


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