Beard Softening Tips That Actually work.

beard softening tips

Beard Softening Tips

Introduction – Beard Softening Tips

Most men these days have opted to keep the in trendy and smart casual beard appearance. With social trends such as ‘no shave November’ defining shaving and trimming statuses of men in some months, it is hard to ignore the influence and trend the beard has brought to the society. But beards just like any other part of the body need to be often taken care off. A well groomed beard that is soft is healthy to have as well as beautiful to stare at. Beard irritation can also arise from tough facial hair and to ease the discomfort of irritation soft beards are recommended. The following beard softening tips and guidelines will help an individual grow soft and silky facial hair and beards.
Reasons why your beards aren’t soft and how to fix it
It would be in order to start dealing with the problem from the root cause. This can help prevent future cases of dry and rough beards just from adjusting your lifestyle to a more healthy and soft beard. The following are causes of rough and tough beard hair

• Improper washing and cleaning of beards.

Unlike the hair on the head a beard is more prone to frequent touching which in turn announces bacteria to the hair. In addition to this the face is constantly exposed to dust and a ton of objects that might cause your beard hair issues. Considering the facial skin and beards are do not have immune systems and they may not fight the germs well enough and this may create a problem for your beard hair.
For this reason, it is important to invest in beard shampoos to help you clean your beard. Hygiene and proper cleanliness is mandatory to observe. These shampoos will kill bacteria and all underlying substances that might be causing unhealthy beard hair. Cleaning should be done properly and thoroughly in a gentle way to avoid skin irritation. This should be done 3-5 times in a week.

• Limited uses of a beard conditioner

Rough beard hair could be as a result of little appliance of conditioner to the beard. This is closely related to the hygiene talked about in the first point. Massaging and rubbing facial skin while applying conditioner is a great way to get your beard growing softer. However, you should take necessary caution to make sure all of the conditioner used on the beard is totally rinsed off as it could lead to more harm to the beard if not. Applying conditioner with a little oil will do wonders when it comes to softening the beard.

Trimming your beard

When beards are growing, they often develop split ends. These split ends do not work in favor of the beard so it is important to frequently trim the beard. Using an old fashioned pair of scissors or a beard trimmer will suffice. Just before shaving, it is advisable to place a warm towel over your beard to soften them making the shaving experience relatively smooth. After this use an aftershave cream that does not have alcohol because alcohol reduces the moisture in the skin and this will make the beard rough and dry.

• Brush your beard

Every man’s beard grows in the pattern and shape that is a result of the existing facial hair. This might not be desirable by some men because it may be in a pattern that is not admirable. Combing and brushing your beard regularly will ensure it falls in line with the pattern and shape you want it to follow. As time goes by you will realize that by also brushing your beard, it will grow much softer than before. Using a wooden brush with boar bristles will do. Keep in mind that frequent brushing allows the skins natural oils to be evenly distributed across the beards and in no time your beard will be silky smooth.

• Natural remedies are good for softer beards

Mother Nature has given us a couple of amenities to help in the search of better looking softer and silky beards. Some communities have been using these remedies to foster softer beards and they have surprisingly worked. Olive oil is a natural miracle wonder to transforming rough beards to softer ones. Applying olive oil to your beard regularly will make sure they have a darker colour and have that soft texture. You can massage your beard with olive oil and leave it over night because it poses no threat to your hair or underlying skin.
The benefits of using aloe vera seem to never have a limit. Applying aloe vera twice a day makes your beard soft and also limits the amount of dandruff growing.

• Proper nutrition and Hydration

Lastly, growing a softer healthy beard demands the proper nutrition and hydration. There are foods that are credited with the ability to promote facial hair as well as improve the texture and composition of the hair. Foods with proteins, nutrients and fatty acids will promote growth, soft texture and a glossy look to your beards. Examples of these foods include eggs, avocados, fish, walnuts, kale, sweet potatoes, soybeans and carrots just to mention a few.
Water is as equally as important as nutrition. Drinking at least 2 liters of water on a daily basis makes the beard soft and moisturized

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