3 Best Tips to Grow your Beard Faster

Tips to Grow your Beard Faster

Grow your Beard Faster

You can make fun and laugh about your smooth chin until everyone starts asking about it. You are likely to brush it off like it’s nothing. It’s really something and it won’t keep out of your mind as you grow older. Beard is the ultimate identification and pride of masculinity. While it is often linked to genes where you have no control over when and how thick the beard should be, there are several tips on how you can grow your beard faster. It is just like hair that grows through a natural process influenced by hormones and foods we eat.

Besides, you might be having a beard but it is only a few strands of hair hanging out. No matter how you pretend and friends console you of how decent and lucky you are because you don’t bother trimming your beards every week, it is eating you deep inside. You are likely to find solace in your smooth chin that doesn’t itch, but it won’t last. You need to grow a beard, a thick one; if you have few strands like the mustache or on the chin, you need to increase its thickness and speed of growth. Let the speed of beard growth and business be your next concern, deal with it when you get there.

Here are some tips to grow your beard faster so that you no longer live in fear of shaving. You can trim and they will grow within no time.

Get the right vitamins

The food we eat has a lot to do with growth and development where facial growth is affected. If you think you are going to eat anything and use supplements, you are in for a shock. Using hair growth supplements without practicing the right diet is only a waste of your time and resources. Testosterone is the main hormone and element in the body that is responsible for growth and development. Facial growth largely relies on the activity and amount of this hormone in your body. To achieve optimal levels of testosterone in your body, you need to balance levels of Magnesium, Zinc, and Vitamin D.

Zinc is easily found in spinach, red meat, oysters, liver, and broccoli. You can obtain enough Magnesium from cashews, mackerel, bone broths, and almonds. Of course, you know the primary source of Vitamin D, sunshine. However, you can also obtain vitamin D from eggs and oily fish.

Other minerals significant in improving testosterone levels and facial hair growth are vitamins A, E, and C; these are commonly found in dairy products and avocado that actually grow your beard faster.

Exercise and adequate sleep

I am sure this comes as a surprise to you. Yes, adequate sleep helps in increasing the rate and thickness of your beard. When you fall asleep, the body uses this time to rebuild and regrow worn out and damaged tissues. Facial hair is not a foreign element; it protrudes from the skin where the follicles go deep into the blood vessels. Typically, an adult human being should sleep at least 6 hours every day without interruption. Any less or uneven sleep patterns affect the growth of hair.

Also, sleep helps in alleviating stress. When you are constantly worried and feeling pitiful about a mustache, growth of facial hair is affected. Stress spreads throughout the body altering all natural functions, including hair growth. Therefore, stop deep thinking and frustrations and your facial hair will grow faster.

Besides, exercise plays a major role in beard growth. While we should always get involved in physical activities, exercise for bearded men is crucial. Take time and evaluate top athletes, they are admirably hairy. Physical activity increases heart rate, which has something to do with testosterone levels. You don’t have to go to extreme activities like athletes, an hour every day of physical exercise should trigger hair from your lips and chin.

Quit smoking

There is no definite guideline to relate smoking to beards.  However, smoking can be compared to aging when it comes to hair loss. If you regularly consume tobacco in that role, you are likely to be experiencing grey hair or thinning on your head. This is because a cigarette has at least 4800 chemicals that get into your bloodstream. I wouldn’t go to details of how the smoke gets to blood vessels and interferes with blood flow. The point here is smoking affects the circulatory system, which is responsible for delivering vitamins and minerals to blood vessels all around the body including on hair follicles. Hair needs to be nourished with proper minerals for growth. It is just like any other growth process that cannot go on without certain elements.

Besides, smoking is linked to loss of appetite. People who regularly smoke may not notice their reducing interest even in foods they like; the hormones responsible for detecting an absence of glucose and sugar in the body, which is starving is altered. All a smoker can feel is the thirst for water that can easily be quenched with smoke. Vitamin B, for instance, is not stored anywhere in the body because they are water soluble.

When you decrease intake of food, the number of minerals and vitamins in the body also reduce significantly. Hair cannot grow without these components in the body. If you are wondering about discolored and thin beards, smoking is your answer.

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