10 Best Beard Combs 2018


Find Out what are the Best Beard Combs for 2018

Best Beard Combs – One of the best ways to have a good looking beard is having a good comb. A comb designed for beards have some advantages over the normal combs. The main advantages of this comb are that it helps spread the beard oil all over and reduce static commonly caused by normal combs. They have parts and teeth that are easy to handle while combing the beard.

What is a beard comb?

A beard comb is a comb that is specially comb your beard.  Your hair will be detangled, so that dirt and any tangles go out. Besides the beard brush, a beard comb is also an absolute must-have for every bearded man. With the beard comb, you can remove your beard hair and make sure your beard looks better and more beautiful. You can also use a beard comb to distribute the beard oil evenly through your beard. A plastic comb ensures that your beard hairs become static, and you certainly do not want to! Just go for quality, beard comb.

Why a beard comb?

In addition to disentangling your beard hair, you can also distribute your beard oil well in your beard. Many different brands and models of combs are available on the internet. Because of the wide range of face and beard, there is always something for everyone who is looking for a good beard comb.

Can I also use a regular comb? what is the best beard comb material?

Instead of a beard comb, you can also use a regular comb. But beware! Beard hairs are a lot stiffer than normal head hairs, so take a sturdy comb that can go through your beard. For example, if you use a comb with thin teeth, they can quickly break off. Also, a comb with a somewhat larger space between the teeth is recommended. This makes the comb easier through the beard. Luckily, there are several beard combs that offer you affordability and quality.  Beard comb has a way of changing your beard grooming.

Best Beard Combs, Best comb brands and where to buy a comb


    1. Hundred Beard Dual Action

      This beard come comes with a faux leather pouch that allows your comb to be soaked by oil and treat your beard well. This is a dual action comb with both coarse and fine tooth sides for more versatility for beard type. The wooden teeth of the comb help reduce static to keep oil even on the beard. The length of the comb can cover more beard area at once and reduce the time spent grooming. This is one of the best wooden beard combs you can get with your money.

    1. Kent Handmade 81T – best pocket beard comb

Many men with beard don’t like a wooden comb which is why the Kent 81T is made with plastic materials to offer you the same quality as that made from the wood. This is a compact comb that is 3 inches long. Kent 81T may not be the best for a long beard but is a good option when it comes to combing and styling the moustache. This is very little and takes up little space. This comes with a thick handle that allows you to work on unkempt beards.

    1. EQLEF Green Sandalwood – quality comb

This is 100% crafted beard comb that is polished to a wonderfully to offer it an amazing look. It the comb has dual teeth that are evenly spaced and the standard option. The comb has a way of reducing tangles in your beards. The static comb makes sure all the beard oil is evenly distributed for effective grooming. This five feet long comb allows you to groom your beards comfortably and quick. You should keep the comb with care because they are brittle and can break if dropped.

    1. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Dual – vintage beard comb

This is another great comb  sandalwood with a smoked wooden smell. This prevents snagging because of how it’s well designed when using it on your beard. If you have an unkempt beard you might want to consider this comb. They have a fine design on both sides of the comb and a case to prevent it from drying out. You can easily carry the comb around because it has a compact design.

    1. Striking Viking Wood

They are with different teeth for different types of beards. The comb is anti-static and allows the beard oil to be evenly distributed. This comb is amazing because it moves the oil from the hair down to the roots. This is easy to use and comes with synthetic leather that serves as a case when travelling.

    1. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Single

This beard comb designed with single teeth. This works well with your beard but can also used for the moustache. This comb is from quality sandalwood. This is a good comb because it doesn’t cause irritation when using it on the beard.  This comb is about 5.5 inches and works on all types of beards.

    1. Groomarang Beard Styling Tool

This is beard styling comb made from plastics.  That is good for trimming the beard. It is a quality comb for your beard. And the price is just great – You can find it HERE

    1. Repsol Care Kit

      This is a great option for those that are into beard grooming and styling. This comb is a polish wood comb that allows you to handle it well. This comb designed with evenly spaced teeth to move smoothly on different beard types.

    1. Kent Handmade Set

This comb made from same material as the other Kent comb. The kit includes different comb sizes; The other two combs include FOT and R7T, the FOT is evenly spaced and the bigger R7T model is with an even and rough teeth to work well on different beards. Though they are plastic, they distribute oil throughout the beard.

    1. Grow A Beard Kit

This is a dual action tooth beard comb. The kit comes with drawstring pouch that helps you hold comb, brush and other grooming products you own. made from bamboo and polished to distribute oil around the beard.

Conclusion – Best Beard Combs

Beard combs allow you to deal with tangles in no time and used for styling. You will be able to maintain your beards effectively with the right wooden or plastic beard comb. The above-listed comb is one of the best beard combs in the market to maintain and groom your beards.

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